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Candles Sprays Amethyst Smoky Quartz Tigers Eye Tangled In Thyme Herb Candle


Our candles currently come in 8oz containers.  Each candle is hand-poured and decorated in Indianapolis, IN.  Our candles contain 100% all-natural soy wax with cotton wicks.  Our current collections  do not contain dye or pigments. We pour all of our candles with intention, based on the type of candle you purchase.  We cleanse each container before we hand-pour the wax.  You're welcome to email if you have special requests.  



Our body and room sprays are available in 8oz containers.  Our bottles are high quality, so we recommend utilizing our refill services if you're local, or reusing your bottle in your home.  I personally use these bottles to mist my plants and for homemade cleaning products.  Each one of our body/room sprays represents an element - fire, air, water or earth.  We used our knowledge of herbs and their uses combined with astrology to create fun smells for each zodiac element.  Each spray is created with fine, body-safe fragrances.  

All of our jewelry is hand-made and designed in Indianapolis, IN.  We use the highest quality materials and natural stones.  All of our pieces are here for a good time, not a long time. We have limited inventory of jewelry and will rarely purchase the same materials again.  If you have a custom piece in mind, please email  We would love to bring our ideas together to create a well-made, affordable and custom piece of wearable art!   

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