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Lavender 2 oz.

Lavender 2 oz.

SKU: 9915

Information provided is only the basic knowledge of this plant. We encourage you to do your research independently when using herbs. Consult a physician before ingesting any herb, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding! All of our herbs, spices and flowers are high quality food grade and ethically sourced.


Common Names: English Lavender

Parts Used: Flower, stem, and leaves

Preparations: Essential oil, extract, soaps and lotions, bath, oil infusion, tea, edible, sachets, incense blends

Medicinal Properties (not all inclusive): Antimicrobial, antioxidant, topical analgesic, reduces anxiety, supports sleep, antiviral,

Magical Properties (not all inclusive):  Longevity, chastity, peace, protection, purification, sleep



Planet: Mercury

Element: Air      

Gender: Masculine

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