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Peace/Healing Candle Magic Spell Kit

Peace & Healing Candle Magick Spell Kit

SKU: 0804

This Peace & Healing Candle Magick Spell Kit is the perfect tool for bringing peace and health into your life. It includes a lavender essential oil with an olive oil carrier, as well as Violet and Coriander to dress your candle. This candle kit is perfect for spells regarding finding peace and improving health. The fragrant lavender oil and herbs will help to create a calming environment, while the candle will bring light and energy to your spells. This kit is all you need to start working on finding peace and improving your health.

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    One blue altar candle and holder

    3ml dropper of the oil mixture

    Packet of Chamomile

    Packet of Lemon Balm

    1 Bound Scroll for your intention

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